FarmerConnect™ now brings you dynamic and contextual news.


An 'Agency' represents any individual or organization dealing with agricultural value-chain services and involved with enabling farmers improve their productivity. Agencies, including farmers, can register themselves, define their profiles and manage their respective initiatives freely and fully. Thus, facilitating for real-time as well as timely information help to farmers.


The 'Farmers' module provides for registration and management of 'Farms & Farmers' records, with their mobile numbers serving as unique identification criterion, thus also allowing farmers who do not have internet connectivity to access information through short-messaging services.


The 'Groups' module allows for creation of specific groupings of farmers or crops. Groups based on parameters such as species, variety, region, acreage, sowing date, etc., can be created by applying filters. This helps in managing initiatives, communicating messages and drawing custom analytics while also facilitating greater interaction and information exchange/knowledge sharing between like groups.


This module allows for finding as well as sharing specific information regarding various crops. One can both access as well as provide (add/update/improve) details such as name(s) of a farmer or groups of farms/farmers cultivating a specific crop(s), species, varieties, and their respective acreage(s) and yields.


This module of the platform curates highly relevant news from the internet and presents it in an easily consumable format. The module curates weather information, market intelligence, innovation, trends, global updates and government announcements which extracted from various sources, and which is refreshed every second. Further, news is segregated by groups allowing for easy transmission to farmers.


The 'Messenger' module enables agencies to seamlessly communicate with farmers anytime and anywhere. Be it a scheduled PROGRAM message or sharing a NEWS item or sending a CUSTOM message, content is delivered in many languages to the selected Groups of Farmers. Messages in native English are automatically converted into the desired language to the extent possible besides also allowing the Agency/User to modify as necessary before sending the same.