Welcome to the world of 'Cultured Agriculture'

The period of yearning just got over. Here's the platform that helps you communicate with your registered farmers on the go. It's right here! It's not just communication alone. At your command is a powerful engine that delivers eco-based contextual content to you about weather, market, farms, farm management, government policy decisions and much more. Start talking to your farmers right away... the FarmerConnect™ way!


News impacting agriculture stakeholders is pulled from various Sources around the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and presented to you crisply. You may even choose to convert any pertinent news item and push it as a message, to a chosen group of famers, to whom it would make sense.
No more scouting around every newspaper.
FarmerConnect™ does it for you.


Just load the list of your farmers, who would be availing your services this season. Please make sure that you have their profiles fully done to help the powerful FC engine to identify the needs of every farmer, based on their profile, and push/publish pertinent information to them.


What are your farmers up to this season? Are you helping them grow Vegetables or cotton or maize or some exotic flowers for a European client. Whatever is the crop, here is where you have all information pertaining to the 'Package of Practices' for getting higher yields, of every crop that is cultivated in that eco-region. Just pick, edit and push it as a sms .


The 'Groups' module allows for creation of specific groupings of farmers or crops. Groups based on parameters such as species, variety, region, acreage, sowing date, etc., can be created by applying filters. This helps in managing initiatives, communicating messages and drawing custom analytics while also facilitating greater interaction and information exchange/knowledge sharing between like groups.


It takes all kinds to make the world. So is the case with your farmers as well. You have some choosing to cultivate paddy, while someone else may choose vegetables while the third guy opts for Bt. Cotton. FC facilitates you to group these farmers based on their crops or any other parameter that you may deem fit, and push only pertinent information to them.


This is where the action starts. After reading your entire activity as described above, you can choose the message that you want to communicate, choose the targeted group and simply click the button. Sit back and relax for a while, because you just had served all the farmers of a group. Now you can choose another message, this time for maize farmers and push it.