93% farmers reported higher incomes - How?

The aim of all development and extension agencies, and the ultimate objective of all agri-development initiatives, is to see a contented smile on the face of every smallholder farmer. FarmerConnect™ helps these agencies achieve that!

Agri-development and extension agencies have always been at the fore-front when it comes to providing information help to farmers. But they are often restricted in their efforts by various impediments such as geographical, linguistic, technological, financial, and several other barriers. Thus, greatly limiting their ability to help farmers near them with the knowledge, expertise and experience to improve agricultural productivity.

Besides the extensive knowledge of the agencies themselves, there is additional intelligence available such as weather forecasting, pricing, deals, trends, innovations, and announcements, etc., that could prove crucial to farm productivity -resulting in higher incomes- if provided on time. But, again all of that information is either not easily accessible or comes with a heavy cost to the agencies.

Further, owing to the lack of connectivity, forward and back-ward linkages, and logistical non-feasibility besides the cost implications, the agencies do not have easy access to additional expert help and guidance. Moreover, in instances where they do have access, the insufficient communications infrastructure proves to be the hurdle in passing the necessary expert inputs and recommendations to the farmers.

Hence, millions of farmers the world over are deprived of advice, guidance, and support that the agencies are capable of providing them with. Now, the FarmerConnect™ platform facilitates the effective delivery of this much-needed help to farmers in their own language - GLOBALLY!

The efficiency of the platform

FarmerConnect™ equips agencies with the power to communicate effectively and efficiently with the people whom they want to help with their knowledge and expertise.

The FarmerConnect™ Messenger global content delivery network reaches to all the countries that are currently covered by GSM, which enables agencies deliver crucial and timely information to farmers through SMSs. Thereby, eliminating, to a great degree, the geo-limitations at a very nominal cost to the agencies.

Through FarmerConnect™, the agencies can now also connect with subject matter experts (SMEs), knowledge groups, and relevant bodies to source accurate information and contextual inputs to help farmers address specific challenges.

The platform is also connected with various information portals that enable it to source dynamic and contextual information such as weather reports & forecasts, market intelligence, and government announcements, and extend the same to the farmers. This helps farmers to be kept updated of all the developments, decisions and policies affecting the sector, improvements, innovations, and notices that will help reduce the many challenges faced by them thereby, ultimately, resulting in higher yields and improved incomes.