FarmerConnect™ helps you to serve farmers near you who need critical information... fully!

The lack of a platform that could connect them with the farmers to facilitate information exchange and knowledge transfer is an impediment for Aid, development, and extension agencies the world over. As a result, they were not able to serve the farmers with the much needed information and intelligence help that is so crucial to the community. Consequently, despite so much intelligence vis-a-vis weather, GAPs, deals, announcements, etc., and advice to be had, the farmers were left high-and-dry; because they neither had access to this rich wealth of knowledge nor was there something that could facilitate it for them. Recognizing the need, eSeal® Inc. built a platform called FarmerConnect™ that is powered by a global content delivery network besides a strong and effective network linkage with like agencies, communities, groups, and bodies across the globe. This helped facilitate providing of timely, upto date and effective agriculture productivity improvement procedures.

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